MAURO PINA is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and Italian lyricist. His musical genre ranges between pop, rock & roll and soft rock. He composes his songs entirely by playing himself all the instruments (percussion, bass, guitar, piano, harmonica, voice). Mauro writes the arrangements of all his songs, records all the voices and interprets them with a unique style.

He was born in Erba (Co), Italy.

At three years, he started singing over his dad's records. Returning from nursery school, he was using a turntable, set up by his grandmother.

Throughout the years, he started to play every instrument coming into the house as gift to him or his brothers. His favourite melodies were those of the '60s. He became a Beatles fan, particularly of John Lennon.

At the age of 13 he was frontman of his first band and plays the first rock cover. The Beatles will be his mentors.

Early he also started to compose, and even during the military service the companions were asking him to play his pieces on the evening.

The music will be part of his life for many years together with his other great passion, football, which he will give up following a field injury.

He made musical compositions for several record companies and musical performers, but he rarely performed in public.

 In 1995, he won prizes participating in performances in local TV and began musical collaborations.

Since 1998, for about a year and a half, hung out Dario Baldan Bembo, who arranges one of his piece that will be part of a compilation.

In 2002, he knew Lucio Dalla who was interested in his pieces and who proposed him the recording of an ep (four unpublished pieces) but he could not support the required economic investment.

In 2005, his Beatles tribute brought him to London to record a record at Abbey Road with another 24 Beatles band in Italy. He is considered the best in Italy to play Fab4 from the national magazine "Guitars".

In 2006, he opened her music agency, Dreamcastle, and began collaborations for concert organizations and musical events with local municipality, public authorities and institutions and famous artists.

His tribute to Lucio Battisti, always thronged the italian squares and theatres. After the artist's disappearance, his band was able to sing and play during the music festival dedicated to him in his native town of Molteno. Those were concerts were attended by thousands of people.

In 2014, he collaborated as a speaker for a local Sicilian radio (Radio Carini).

His pieces of music increased and his musical vein was enhanced with personal life experiences. He became a real full-time singer and musician.

In 2015, after a long time, he met a childhood friend again who started to support him in his first musical project: the recording of an album of unpublished songs. She also helped him writing a good part of the song lyrics.

And finally, thanks to the encounter with Efrem Sagrada (formerly Celentano's-Club), the dream comes true with the publication of an album with special guest Rosalinda  Celentano special guest: in the tip of the record: the icing on the cake.

Mauro Pina